The chemistry between Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul is just adorable – this isn’t their ‘chemistry’ for making Meth, but also for just starring on-screen together.

Aaron Paul helped share the Youtube video which will be at the Emmy awards clarifying that this is the first time that the two actors reunite on-screen since Breaking Bad:

So what is the video about? ‘Barely Legal Pawn’ is perhaps the best Pawn shop to be at, with the two actors up to mischievous deeds, when Julia Louis-Dreyfus walks in who has a bit of a financial problem (surprisingly it’s not Mike from Veep this time round)!

Of course there’s a Breaking Bad reference to the two stars and there’s obvious mentions of Seinfeld and Veep for the featuring star. The only thing that bothers me about this video is that it’s so entertaining to watch, it annoys me that this isn’t an actual series!

Here’s the video, incase you haven’t clicked the link in Aaron Paul’s tweet yet:


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