UPDATED: Added iPhone 6 / 6 Plus resolutions!

With the release of Doctor Who: ‘Deep Breath’ this Saturday, I’m sure most Whovians can’t escape the topic of Doctor Who in their heads. If like me, you like to celebrate an occasion by having a desktop Wallpaper of the particular event, then you’re in luck!

I’ve noticed there’s been a lack of Doctor Who wallpapers which focus on Peter Capaldi, so I decided to make my own based on the promotional images which BBC America released yesterday.

To download any of them, just click on the image and it’ll lead to the full size!

Click on the image for a full size 3500 × 2321 image.
Suitable for iPhone 5/5s.
Suitable for iPhone 5/5s.
Suitable for iPhone 6
Suitable for iPhone 6 Plus.
Suitable for iPhone 6 Plus.

Originally, I intended to add Clara on the right hand side of The Doctor, but as for now I’ve decided to just keep the focus on Capaldi, considering that it’s his debut episode. The image clears most features from The Doctor, with only slight detail available. With his face mostly blank, it became the perfect opportunity to highlight the infamous eyebrows!

If you require any additional image resolutions, just send a request in the comments below and I’ll adapt the image for you! You can also access the image on the yBaX Start ‘Deviantart’ page!

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