Homeland… you mean that outstandingly engaging television programme for the first season and then supposedly went downhill?

Yep, it definitely seems to receive a lot of hate ever since the second half of the second season became all too chaotic and to some, utterly ridiculous; however the series as a whole wasn’t all bad overall. Of course, nothing can ever outdo the first season of Homeland, considering that it was a true masterpiece in television; despite the mess season 2 ended up becoming, I (being the one of many) gave season 3  a chance to redeem itself – and it did! Season 3 returned to a slow placed drama which didn’t succumb to the sloppiness in Season 2, but also didn’t overcome how awesome the first season was. Perhaps now that the programme is back on track with the right pace in storytelling, Brody gone, with brand new threats and such, there’s now a chance that Season 4 will (unlikely) be as equal as Season 1!

The trailer certainly seems to have the right tone, but it’s early days to judge the upcoming season as of yet, however it’s easy to become excited from this well constructed trailer! With the track “Hole in the Middle” providing the ambience of the trailer a depressing tone as it illustrates the US government as the enemy  who are perhaps igniting this war, whilst the protagonists do a “dance for the devil”.

Homeland returns at October 5th at 9PM ET/PT on Showtime, for those who haven’t seen the series yet, don’t be put off from the mass criticized second season – it honestly is worth watching overall. The first two seasons can be viewed on Netflix as of now, with boxsets of the third season also available.

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