The wacky Land of Ooo in Adventure Time is a constant romp with never ending cutesy humor which is just entertaining to watch; one constant in the show is the video game references as the plot of the show originated around Finn and Jake exploring dungeons and collecting treasures, until it expanded to so much more.

Last night was a fantastic episode, I’m not here to review it, but I can say that it was probably my favorite so far from Season 6 as it reveals the origin story of Jakes birth with his parents Joshua and Margaret as they solve their urgent case of the missing apple pies. In Margarets attempt to save Joshua from the venom he’s been infected with, she enters her armory room which contained many cliché monster-hunter equipments, but with the main highlight in the room being the throw-away cameo of the Pokeball, because as you know, without a Pokeball you’re pretty much doomed in fighting monsters!

Did you happen to catch another reference which we’ve missed? Leave a comment below!

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