The Day of the Doctor broke records as it was multi-cast globally at the same time in both cinemas and television sets. Now, the BBC have obviously wanted to replicate the success (despite this episode not being as hyped up as the 50th anniverary episode) by airing the Season 8 premiere ‘Deep Breath’ in cinemas too – and not only just for the UK!

The episode is presumed to be “feature length”, considering that ‘The Day of the Doctor’ was 76 minutes, the newest episode will most probably match the same length. The website also reports that there will be additional content if you watch it in the cinema, just as there was for ‘The Day of the Doctor’.

As for now you cannot book any tickets or know which cinemas are airing the episode, but if you’re a Doctor Who enthusiast,  prepare to organise your day around that cinema screening! For those who didn’t happen to see The Day of the Doctor in the cinemas, I recommend for you to watch Deep Breath there, as it was an amazing experience and made the episode feel full of life with all Whovians cheering and laughing together!

For now, not many cinemas are featuring the episode, with more announcements TBA. However there are a few selected cinemas which are offering bookings now. For any UK viewers, Showcase Cinema de Lux Leicester is presenting the episode which includes a Q&A with Peter Capaldi after. Australian viewers can look to Luna Palace Cinemas or Hoyts cinema.  For a more in depth list of possible cinemas check out Sharmillfilms for more information.

UPDATE: The BBC have newly released information for additional (and more convenient) screenings for UK and US viewers. For the UK “chains [such as] Odeon, Empire, Cineworld, Vue, Omniplex and Picture House” are screening the episode. Whereas for the US, many Fathom Events cinemas are selling tickets now

Various other countries are also featuring cinema tickets, specifically BBC America are promoting cinemas in Russia which are airing the episode, some during the 23rd August and some on the 24th of August in various different cinemas

Many cinemas will say that the screening comes with a Live Q&A with Peter Capaldi, which is partly true. Peter Capaldi will have his Q&A at Leicester square, which you can see live if you’re in the Leicester square Odeon in London. However most screenings will live-stream this Q&A after the initial episode, as well as offering behind-the-scenes (Doctor Who Confidential anyone?) for the episode.

Deep Breath debuts at the 23rd August, in cinemas “around the world” and on your television!


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