I expect to hear the “Browncoats” uproar and cheer now as the beloved cast from the Sci-fi programme Firefly will all feature in the previously announced online RPG game!

Those at the San Diego Comic Con will know more, but as their panel commences, more details must surely arise about the game; but as for now fans of the series can just devour on this piece of news in knowledge and excitement that they’ll hear their favourite Firefly characters speak once more!

The game is expected to be released on Smartphone and PC platforms, with the possibility of additional platforms being supported too. Yet, considering that the game is based on as you playing the role as the captain (and presumably not Captain Mal), I wonder how exactly will the original characters feature in this game?

In addition to the announcement, we’ve been treated with a brand new gameplay trailer which presents the amount of freedom and customisability and what you’d decide ‘If I were a captain’. And yes, I’d also aim to misbehave!

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