yBaX Start is no longer as small as it was a few months ago, now the website seems to have genuine followers who care for the blog and there’s an almost daily rate of new content. Therefore when you want to find/return to a previous article which was written a while ago, you may find it difficult to just browse through the website – you must use the search bar in order to find something.

Todays quick tip from me is simple, any desktop Google Chrome user  has the ability to use a search bar when just typing in the URL of ‘yBaX-Start.com’. Instead for a user having to load up the webpage to access the search bar, you could instead just press the ‘tab’ key when  typing in the URL and you’ll access a quick search bar to find content.

This feature isn’t limited to only the yBaX Start website. Many websites/blogs have implemented this feature with Google Chrome, so if you weren’t aware of this feature already, try it out with your favourite blogs and see if it works; you could save yourself a lot of time!

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