So Sony has announced that the PS4 has continued to be the next-gen top selling console for six months in a row in the US! That of course is an amazing achievement by Sony, as they dominate the console markets and seem to lead the future of this generation of consoles.  However with Sony not releasing official statistics of their console sales, it can be difficult to pinpoint how ahead they were against the Xbox One and Wii U sales in June.

So what do we know of the other sales? Microsoft has recently abandoned their built in integration with Kinect for the Xbox One, leaving it as a standalone product and not a mandatory (and sometimes unnecessary) peripheral and providing a much needed price drop. In May, GameStop president Tony Bartel announced: “there’s a stronger demand as a result of the price drop” with current statements from Microsoft who claim that Xbox One sales have “doubled” since their change in priorities for the Microsoft system.  It was inevitable though, with a lacklustre amount of worthwhile games to purchase on either the PS4 or Xbox One, the main decision as to whether to purchase a certain system or not is based on price – which is why the PS4 sales initially were incredible as that was the cheaper (yet more powerful than the even cheaper Wii U) next generation console; therefore there was no apparent need for a person to genuinely  consider a Xbox One over a PS4 then, which is why the sales drop allowed the Xbox One sales to double.

Then there’s the Wii U, a console which I avidly support and even argued for suggesting it was underrated & could be better than the PS4/Xbox One; since writing that I seem to withdraw my claim that the Wii U is underrated, with Kotaku naming giving the Wii U purchase a ‘Yes’ and the general publics excitement from Nintendo’s E3, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros and more – the Wii U has become increasingly popular, yet still not selling as well as it could.  So the sales? Last May, the NPD survey for Nintendo took place two days after the release of Mario Kart 8 (hence not allowing a true picture of an increase in Wii U sales)  with 60,130  units being sold globally. But now, reporter Ian Sherr shared NPD information that the sales have increasingly improved, undoubtedly due to the factors I’ve mentioned earlier in this article of the Wii U’s success:

Of course, to see the bigger picture of the driving success of a console, you must look at it globally and not just in the US regions. VgChartz is currently sharing this table of weekly sales since the 5th of July:

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 00.34.19

Evidently, the Xbox One seems to currently contrast the successful sales which Sony has claimed from the overall months in North America, yet in Europe there seems to be a significantly less interest in even purchasing an Xbox One! The European Wii U sales seem to beat the Xbox One – let alone the PS4!

Despite how much I ramble on about the success of sales, whilst they are important, what is also important is gamer satisfaction. Currently I feel the most satisfied with my Wii U, I’ve felt inclined to using it as my gaming source recently and I’ve actually neglected the existence of my PC and PS4 (with me slightly playing the PS3 for a short instance). What about you, fellow viewers? Which console from this generation are you feeling most pleased with?


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