The infamous Mass Effect 3 endings didn’t receive the best reception overall from fans, personally I’ve always believed that people overreacted about how poor and anti-climatic towards the story the ending was – especially after playing the Extended Cut DLC which should’ve amended any complaints fans had about the end. But I’m not here to argue about the ending now, as wherever you go across the internet with the topic of Mass Effect, people will argue about the ending.

For a company to avoid the same mistakes and backlash that happened previously, they’d need customer support and opinions in order to construct a more definitive game which would have less complaints. It seems to be a thing most companies in the gaming industries are taking into account now: seeing what the customers & audience thinks and just building upon their opinions.

So for now, BioWare has sent out an online questionnaire asking about how experienced you are as a gamer with RPG elements, and then asking your opinions on what you value as a gamer and what you expect for the future of the Mass Effect series. You can fill this out here.

My biggest value was story and choice, I loved the characters, story line and the choices in the Mass Effect series (even if the final of the trilogy led to a more linear approach). What did you happen to say for what you wanted in the series? Or better still, do you even want another Mass Effect after completing the trilogy?



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