It’s the World Cup final! Tensions are rising as Germany and Argentina fight away to win glory and respect for their country. In the mean time Whovians may have been excited from an earlier tweet from the Doctor Who twitter account announcing to look forward to half time, with them revealing a brand new Doctor Who trailer!

Initial thoughts of it seem quite action packed, the Doctor definitely has a change of character with him being more grim and less whimsical – I’m defiantly catching a Classic Who feel here.

Another epic Dalek battle seems to occur with similar CG Dalek ships as shown in The Day of The Doctor and in The Time of the Doctor. Dinosaurs, Robots, Cyborgs and more seem to provide a tension risen season. It definitely looks something to look forward to, especially with the amazing Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) playing the role of a British icon.

The real question of course is whether the Doctor is a good man? There’s certainly a lot of emphasis on this, and it seems to have changed the friendly and youthful banter which Clara and Matt Smiths Doctor exchanged, what type of dynamics does Peter Capaldis Doctor have with Clara now with him being more older and mysterious than ever for her?!

Unfortunately there have been several leaks for this season (which I refuse to promote in detail as I despise the idea that someone would spoil the fans enjoyment) so tread carefully when you begin searching the internet this next month. Doctor Who returns on the 23rd of August. Mark it on your calendars for what appears to be the biggest Doctor Who season yet!

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