That’s the question I ask all of you readers today. As soon as a brand new game is announced many people head straight to Amazon, a games department store and more just to pre-order the game and ensure to experience the game on day one.

However it isn’t always that easy though… Many times now the game you’ve preordered can end up a day or so late due to shipping problems; of course it’s just a First World problem but it can be incredibly annoying knowing that others around the world are playing the game you’re supposed to be playing, but is unable to.

Or in other cases, the game can ship on the same day, but at a later and less convenient timing than just heading to your local store and purchasing the game from there.

Usually, the amount of batch production companies make with their games, there’s usually less chance of the games selling out and even if they do they can be replaced in a short while in a matter of days. I tend to see special editions that were only meant to be for pre-orders still available at stores and see that the prices of the standard version can decreases slightly in a  matter of weeks.

So what do you guys think? Is it easier to pre-order the game or just purchase at your convenience?

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