So it’s been a good day without ANY blog posts what-so-ever! What’s the deal you may be asking?

Currently I’ll be unable to post regual posts as I’ve attempted to do so, however I still aim to coverage as much of the buildup and the actual E3 as much as I can.

Within this week expect the following types of articles:

  • What I wish for vs What is most likely to happen at:
        • Ubisoft and EAs E3 conference.
        • Microsoft and Sonys E3 conference.
        • Nintendos E3 conference.
UPDATE: Unfortunately I couldn’t release these articles due to personal reasons. However I still have the unfinished drafts and may use some parts in future articles on my reactions of the E3 announcements!
  • Significant game announcements or leaks.
  • At least one personal view point article.

So what now? Feel free to catchup on the highlights of yBaX Starts opening week of a blog (gee only a week? It’s felt incredibly longer than that!) with:

Look through our older articles you may have missed and comment your thoughts (this still is a starter blog remember, I need to know your views 🙂 )

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