Jailbreak enthusiasts and those using Snapchat tweaks are reportedly being banned for twelve hours as a result of breaking the Snapchat Terms of Service. Many users have since expressed their anger online.

Despite the jailbreak community thriving off Snapchat tweaks such as Phantom or Snapchat + for years, Snapchat has went on a banning frenzy, blocking many users from accessing their accounts.

Such tweaks grant Snapchat users the ability to save images without others knowing, alongside many other perks. It essentially breaks the purpose of Snapchat deterring others to screenshot images, and to some, it could be seen as a violation of privacy.

While the jailbreak community is quite large, only a small proportion of this community have actually tweaked Snapchat and it seems illogical for Snapchat to ban such a small number of their user base.

Those with tweaked Snapchat apps were first given warning of breaking the Terms of Service by a message from Team Snapchat. The warning had stated that if third-party access was not prevented soon, users could face a twelve-hour ban as a consequence.

Staying true to their word, many users on the Jailbreak subReddit (r/Jailbreak) or on Twitter were outraged as they confirmed the ban to be active.

A screenshot confirming Snapchat's Ban.
A screenshot confirming Snapchat’s Ban.

While some complaints online are based around how restrictive Snapchat has become, others are complaining how despite removing any third-party tweaks, it still resulted to them being banned.

Comment from r/Jailbreak


Anyone who has become banned is advised to login online and reactivate their account after twelve hours since the initial ban began. Users are cautioned that continuous use of third-party apps could result in a more permanent ban.

This is not the first time that jailbreakers were banned from Snapchat. Back in April 2015, many users were blocked until Phantom developer CokePokes managed to bypass the security measures and Snapchat did not taking more action to block third-party apps.

Perhaps later on, CokePokes may discover a way to once again bypass the restrictions set by Snapchat, until now it is advised for users to remove any third-party apps or tweaks and wait twelve hours.

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