After a long period of silence and teases within the jailbreak community, there may be a small team working on a jailbreak for public release. Whilst some remain sceptical, there is a chance one will be released soon.

GSMagic Team is a Greek development team promising a “new era of iOS JB”. The last publicly released jailbreak was iOS 9.1 at March 2016, yet at the time many had upgraded from iOS 9.1 and gave up hopes on a new jailbreak.

Followers within Reddit’s /r/Jailbreak community has since constantly updated each other with rumours and teases from other developers who’ve successfully jailbroken their devices; yet all previous announcements have promised no public release. That is until now.

Little is known about this team as they remain highly anoymonous.

Yet moderator of /r/Jailbreak has communicated with the group via Twitter Direct Messages and the account responded to a few of the questions. Accordingly, GSMagic Team consists of five members – all of which are not photographed – and has been working on the project for two months.

In addition, the team hopes to release the jailbreak as soon as possible and before Apple’s next iOS software update. As of now, their “one big issue” of “random reboots” is their main concern.

While many notable names within the Jailbreak community are questioning the legitimacy of the promise, GSMagic have provided slightly sufficient evidence so far. The team was reportedly behind a Nokia phone unblocker sixteen years ago, so there is proof of their technical experience. That, alongside the convincing Youtube video has fuelled hopes for an upcoming jailbreak release.

As of now, there are online debates on Twitter and Reddit, arguing if this jailbreak is real. With Apple intending to release a new software update soon, the time-window period for this release (if true) is quite tight.

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