‘Rival Mode’ – an online guitar duelling mode –  is returning to Guitar Hero Live after being temporarily disabled due to technical issues.

FreeStyle Games has confirmed on Twitter that an update is being issued on Monday 25th January 2016 for Guitar Hero Live.

‘Rival Mode’ was first introduced last December, matching players to similarly skilled rival challengers in Guitar Hero Live’s TV mode. While the feature seemed promising, it often resulted in network issues. Since December 28th 2015, the feature has been removed.

A screenshot of Guitar Hero Live's Rival Mode in action.
Rival Mode in action| Image source: Guitar Hero Live

Alongside the return of Rival Mode, there are a few other small patches according to a blog post from FreeStyle Games:

  • The level 20 achievement “Toppest of Top Drawer” not unlocking is now fixed
  • “Congratulations on Levelling up” message appearing multiple times is now fixed
  • Hero Cash Store displaying “the service is currently unavailable” message is now fixed
  • Highway equipped messaging error is now fixed
  • X360 cache problem is now fixed

Despite previous complaints, Guitar Hero Live’s microphone companion app is still mainly dysfunctional. Last November an Activision representative claimed the companion app is being looked into, yet with no signs of improvement:

“Sorry but we’ve no ETA to report at this time but we assure you that this is being looked into. Please stay tuned. We appreciate your support and patience”


FreeStyle Games are continually working on Guitar Hero Live with many new songs still to be added. The Monday patch is expected to be available in the morning GMT, on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and the Wii U.

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