After a hiatus of posts from, the website is now redesigned, refocused and returning.

This post is just an editorial apology for the lack of posts and updates within the last few months. Despite the many exciting news stories during this period – I’ve been unable to cover much of it.

Now is being redesigned with a cleaner and more professional style. Not only does the webpage look visibly different, but there will also be a dramatic increase in the quality of writing too.

Despite the website originally being just a gaming blog, it then began to introduce television and film; however now as 2016 is near to arriving, will now cover a wider base of the entertainment sector and also more technology-based blogs too.

Admittedly there has been a decrease in followers and views to this website – with the lack of regular posts being at fault. The intention with this new redesign is that I can re-engage the interest of previous readers, continuing readers and future readers.

Whilst the website is in reconstruction within the 14th – 21st of November 2015, I hope that readers of will appreciate the change.

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