The first conference of the annual Gamescom event begins with Microsoft who’ll reveal all their future projects for the Xbox One. Watch the Twitch live stream below or read our live-blog updates by refreshing the page.

Skip to 16:55 for the beginning of the conference.

Key Highlights: 

  • “Jump Ahead” – The Xbox conference now starts.
  • Phil Spencer now enters the stage. He begins to talk about the relationship between Xbox One and Windows 10.
  • Rare Replay, the Xbox One game which is full of Rare’s finest IP’s will be available today.
  • Our first game-play from today is from Quantum Break. As expected, it’s action-packed and full of slow-motion violence.
  • Actor Shawn Ashmore who plays Jack Joyce comes on stage to help explain how important the live-action cinematic elements are as well as the engaging gameplay.
  • Quantum Break will arive on April 5th 2016.
  • Crackdown 3 “delivers the classic gameplay in a brand new way”. The open-world will have a multi-player experience with destructive buildings to create massive impacts in this world.
  • Scalebound’s gorgeous landscape is perhaps the most impressive thing despite the exhilarating fighting scenes. The game will have four player co-op, will be released in Holiday 2016.
  • Xbox One will now have a full-feature DVR recording system. Whatever you’ve recored on the Xbox One will also be accessible on a Windows 10 device. This subscription-free service is coming in 2016.
  • Xbox-One controllers can now use a chat-pad which you can pre-order today and will be available in November. The chat-pad will have two programable keys.
  • Backward Compatibility will be coming November 2015 for free. “November is going to be a great time for Xbox fans”.
  • Killer Instinct season 3 coming in March 2016 for both Xbox One and Windows 10.
  • Koji Igarashi comes on stage to talk about Bloodstained Ritual of the Night; we’re reminded that it recently raised $5.5 million on Kickstarter. A new unnamed daemon -hunter character has been revealed.
  • Team-17 shows off a quick Worms W.M.D. trailer.
  • Thimbleweed Park has “pixels so sharp” that they could “poke your eye out”.
  • Compulsion games presents We Happy Few, something that appears truly horrific.Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 15.42.14
  • “Windows 10 is built for gaming”, with DirectX 12 being one of the many reasons.
  • Cobalt is a Xbox One exclusive game by Mojang. It seems absolutely crazy and is expected to arrive in October 2015.
  • The Dark Souls III trailer is incredible. That’s all.
  • Xbox One owners will enjoy exclusive multiplayer access to Homefront The Revolution this October.
  • Two gaming teams Optic Gaming and Epsilon Esports battle each other on Halo 5 Guardians in the Capture the Flag game mode. Epsilon Esports managed to win, with them winning a Halo Xbox One 1 TB Limited Edition console.
  • A Halo World Championship with a prize of 1 million dollars is in the works.
  • The more footage I see of Just Cause 3, the more excited I get. The game will be available on December 1st.
  • Forza Motorsport 6 – rain is important.
  • Finally, more Rise of the Tomb Raider footage.
  • Phil Spencer claims this is the “greatest games lineup in Xbox history” – AKA typical marketing hype.
  • To end off the conference with a hook, Halo Wars 2 is announced for October 2016.
  • And that’s it for Microsoft! Thanks for reading the live-blog.

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