Adventure Time has an already established series of video games released on consoles, handhelds and smartphones, yet these often just embraced RPG elements. Whilst some are relatively interesting to play compared to other cash-in franchises, the games haven’t ambitiously explored just how great an Adventure Time video game could possibly be.

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations has the ability to change that. The title interlinks with the Joshua and Margaret investigations previously seen in the series. Vicious Cycle Software were the developers behind various other game adaptions of a child-based series, and are now striding in making a possibly ambitious 3D adventure of the Land of Ooo. The game is promised to be puzzle-centric where you explore, investigate and even have “fast-paced” combat.

The storyline itself follows Finn and Jake becoming inspired by Joshua and Margaret whom then begin investigations too. Each case investigated are separate adventures and the game essentially will act as another season with various separate (and most probably insane) episodic cases.

Simon looks incredibly creepy in 3D form.
Simon looks incredibly creepy in 3D form.

What makes this game interesting more than other Adventure Time games is the visual design of 3D rendered models. It’s a new style coming from the Adventure Time video games and it looks gorgeous.  Unfortunately, the gameplay footage showcased mainly focused on linear paths and Finn wildly flaunting his arms around. If the majority of the game does result to this linear and restricted world, it will be a wasted opportunity in what could be a fantastic explorative Adventure Time game.

The game is expected to arrive on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, 3DS and PC sometime in Fall 2015. Vita support is currently not announced despite Adventure Time games previously featuring on the Vita.

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