“Take your gaming further”.

Windows 10 is attempting to expand their relationship with gaming even more. A central focus in the final segments of the Microsoft Windows 10 event was the Xbox One gaming app – allowing users to access and record their Xbox One games instantly. But it doesn’t stop there.

The Xbox One app will open cross-platform play, so that users can stream and play their Xbox One games onto their Windows 10 PC devices. On stage, Phil Spencer showcased the new capabilities by playing ‘Forza Horizon 2’ on his Surface device. Microsoft are now enhancing their ‘Smartglass’ capabilities, by mimicking the key feature which the Wii U and Playstation 4 have perfected for a while – Remote Play.

Integration between your Xbox One and Windows 10 device is limited. Whilst you must pair your devices together to link a “relationship”, the devices will not communicate with each other once outside local reach. Nevertheless, now Xbox gamers can now turn to their Surface devices or their desktop PC’s and have an off-screen experience.

Within the app, you can also turn off the power for your controller, or even your Xbox One console itself. The user essentially doesn’t have to be in reach for the Xbox One to be able to enjoy the console experience. If someone is occupied with the television, you can pair your Xbox One and Windows 10 device and instead power on, stream and play your games without having to interrupt those using the television.

The Xbox One - Windows 10 experience.
The Xbox One – Windows 10 experience.

The streamlined experience was one of the many gaming specific features acknowledged in the event. Direct X 12 was stated to be the main source of power for these new possibilities. As a result, games don’t only have to be streamed from the Xbox One in order to achieve a console-like experience, but developers can easily port their games to the PC too!

“For developers that want to bring their application over the TV screen this is going to make it very easy for them to do so.”


Fable Legends is no longer an Xbox One exclusive, but will also be ported and welcomed as a Windows 1o native app too.

Phil Spencer ends his side of the presentation with an open-ended promise that the upcoming GDC (March 2nd – 6th) will reveal even more plans to enrich the Windows 10 gaming experience.

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