There isn’t a vast majority of games which utilise the camera features of the Xbox One or the Playstation 4. In general, the Kinect or Playstation Camera peripherals often seem  like an unnecessary object which tends to be discarded as nothing more than a device to brag about when showing off the consoles to others.

Grandé Games, who describes themselves as a game studio focusing particularly on “unique motion controls” seem to provide an interesting purpose of these external devices, as the camera for your console becomes an imperative device in order to blur the lines of reality and gaming. Unlike other gaming studios who attempt to blur reality and gaming by focusing on realism, Grandé Games captures the physique of the player and uses them to connect the separated platforms within a level of the game.

Pose for the camera and then control your player!

What does that mean for the player? Increased interactivity.

There isn’t a definitive pose which the player must position themselves in to succeed in the level, as long as their body can somehow connect from Point A to Point B, you can successfully pass.

The charm of the game derives from the sheer imagination that players can utilise in order to pass their objective. Want to wear a horse mask?  You can! Want to dress in a banana costume? You can! Whether you decide to act in a vanilla civilised manner, or decide to be at your upmost wackiness, you can adapt the game to your needs.

It’s also refreshing to understand just how long the game has been in development. To master the variables for a game to use a scanned body as a platform must be difficult alone, but since the game has been in the making since August 2013, the game should hopefully run fluidly and will most likely be an absurd yet enticing experience!

To promote your support of the upcoming game, you can either follow Commander Cherry on Twitter, or follow his quaint Tumblr blog too.

Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey is currently slated for a 2015 launch with the price of which to still be announced. When released, you can either purchase the game on your Playstation 4 or your Xbox One – it should be quite exciting!


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