The BBC recently uploaded a ‘Original British Drama Interactive Trailer’ which consists of Benedict Cumberbatch reading aloud the infamous quote of “All the world’s a stage” from the Shakespeare play ‘As you like it’.  The video has various highlights of the top BBC dramas which they’ve previously/currently are broadcasting, however certain programmes have a special interactive play button which allows users to watch an exclusive clip of the programme highlighted, Doctor Who being one of them.

If you’re to were to skip past to 1:32 minutes within the video, you’ll see an image of Matt Smith from his final farewell, however the play button which is available alongside allows viewers to watch a clip of the dramatic and game-changing episode, ‘Dark Water’. Watch at your own risk of spoilers, but to summarise, it involves the Doctor running around, Cybermen and the mysterious Missy too. Of course the video doesn’t spoil much, retaining the mystery for the actual episode, however for eager fans who cannot wait, this clip should be exciting!

Visit the BBC Original British Drama page and watch the interactive video to see an exclusive clip of Doctor Who, or any other BBC programme which you also follow.

UPDATE: We’ve included an official Youtube preview of the same clip mentioned above!

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