After a two month absence from Finn self discovering his lifestyle choices and commencing in wild adventures, we finally see a return in Adventure Time for a Halloween focused episode. I specifically mentioned Finn, as it’s been noted that throughout the latest season, Jake hasn’t (for unknown reasons) been featured as much as he was in the past – causing a little gap in the Adventure Time charm when in the past episodes consisted of Finn and Jake hanging around being inseparable. It’s calming to see that not only has the series returned from its hiatus, but so has Jake as this episode is focused prominently on him.

Plot-wise, the episode is a little thin. It starts off with Finn, Jake and BMO chilling inside, with Finn being occupied with his meta magazine ‘Adventure Boy’ and Jake suffering from restless leg syndrome. BMO on the other hand has a more active role, as he practices a specific karate move which results in ‘how to stop a man’s heart’, which is hilariously simpler than it should be according to he magazine! Jake, becoming frustrated with BMO practising his skills, ends up cooking soup to calm him down. The detail to smaller features such as a more relaxing background music really pay off as it sets the ambience of a progressively relaxing Jake – that is until the fly appears. Regarding it as a “disgusting, disgusting, creature”, Jake immediately swats the fly, apologising that it was “born a fly” and that Jake “had to kill” it.

The rest of the episode revolves around a ghostly apparition of the fly appearing and the trio (Finn, Jake and BMO) all attempting to avoid contact with it. To deal with the haunting of the ghost, Jake calls upon Peppermint Butler, expecting he has a solution, which he does – until a point! The newly motif of running through windows returns, with no better execution than Peppermint Butlers instant panic! The whole episode pivots around a wacky sequence of events from then on (well when doesn’t the programme turn wacky?) and turns Finn into a fly because he gave into temptation on reading the final pages of ‘Adventure Boy’ and BMO coming to the rescue by using his newly acquired karate skill on Jake to temporarily turn him to a ghost; “Yay, BMO!”.

So Jake is essentially a Pacman ghost until the fly discovers it’s unfinished business (having the soup) while Jake’s unfinished business is also fulfilled (killing the fly – again). All Jake wanted throughout the episode was rest, he wanted rest so he could overcome his restless leg syndrome (even though the main way to overcome it is to exercise), he also wished he could silence the noisy BMO and have his soup in peace – yet throughout the episode Jake’s peace is abruptly halted, until the end when Jake peacefully is lying down with his friends in the hospital bed – “Yay, BMO…”.

Perhaps now that Jake has rested, we can expect to see more from him when the series returns for a regular broadcast; as to when that is though is still undecided. But as for now, fans can rejoice that a new episode was broadcasted so that we haven’t forgotten how absurd the Land of Ooo truly is.

Overall Score:X

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+ Admit it, we’ve all acted like Jake when it comes to a fly disrupting our peace…Right?

+ I love how Jake seems to be holding a grudge against BMO for being the noisy and annoying one! “Finn is that you?” …
“It’s probably just BMO or something”.

+ Peppermint Butler once again amplifies how amazing this show is.

– Not much plot progression or deep foreshadowing, instead it’s just a simple standalone episode.

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