European gamers feared that they’d have to wait even longer to be able to play Smash Bros on the Wii U, with the North American release date being November 21st and the expected release date for Europe and UK being December 5th, however for a non clarified reason, Nintendo seems to have brought the release date for Europe earlier than expected!

Now European gamers who’ve preordered the game can expect the game to arrive at November 28th, being only a seven-day gap from the North America release date. The earlier date also includes the gamers who’ve purchased/ordered the bundle including a Gamecube controller adapter too, or the Amiibo bundle, or the individual Smash Bros controller too!

Surprisingly, Japan still has a scheduled date of the 6th of December, yet that doesn’t exclude the hope that Nintendo will soon announce a earlier date for that region too. One can only wonder what stimulated the abrupt change in the European release date, for now we’ll have to wait and hope Nintendo can inform us soon.

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