The first official trailer of the upcoming sequel was expected to arrive right after next weeks episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, however it seems somehow the video managed to get leaked in the process as it ended up online initially for a short while until Marvel managed to pull it down, but of course with the people of the internet functioning faster than a cheetah would while catching its prey, we have an entire carbon copy available online. Granted it’s not the best of qualities (at 360p), but it’s clear enough to see the darker toned action packed romp we’re expected to experience next year – with the creepy Pinocchio rendition as the background soundtrack making the entire video as chilling as possible.

UPDATED: Marvel have now released an official HD version considering that the leaks have spread.

In other news, as Marvel pulled down the original leaked video, they fantastically responded on Twitter with a simple:

Yes, it makes me feel guilty for watching the trailer earlier than I should have; but who can honestly control it when we know there’s an actual leaked trailer out there for us to watch?!

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