When I say ‘Foxes’, I don’t mean the nocturnal animals who preformed popular Queen song ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, but rather ‘Foxes’ the English singer. ‘Mummy on the Orient Express‘ was a fantastic romp as I reviewed earlier today; but one slightly irrelevant scene (yet still beautiful nonetheless) featured the beautiful rendition of the song, despite it being clipped.

A full recording of the song covered by Foxes was later uploaded on BBC Music and on the BBC Youtube Channel, where the video montages various scenes of Season 8 rather than focusing on just the episode which was aired earlier today. The video (and the song) doesn’t provide any ground-breaking spoilers incase you still haven’t had the chance to view the episode yet, so it should be safe to watch! However there are slight denotations of the relationship between Clara and the Doctor and their status during and after this episode, yet it shouldn’t be truly feared as a spoiler:

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