The release date for Project CARS is approaching, with the release date being November 21st in Europe and November 28th in the US. What better way to escalate hype for the game than to release a brand new comparison video of the game (presumably run on a high-powered PC) vs a real life recording?

The track featured in the video is the ‘Spa Francorchamps’, which at the time of recording consisted of a bland sky colour and an overall unappealing landscape; the gameplay in Project CARS enhances the colour palette of the landscape and defines the shapes of the trees more than the video in reality – the end result consists of a beautiful track and illustration of Spa Francorchamps, which perhaps looks more visually appealing than how it’s portrayed in reality.

The game still appears to have bugs scattered across the game, such as the steering wheel bug which is highlighted in the description of the video, causing the Bac Mono to appear to be a static driving experience and as a few Youtube commenters have mentioned, easier to drive. DigiProst highlights the bug in the description promising that the final version will have fixed the issue, hopefully resulting in a more convenient and realistic portrayal of the cars control.

It makes sense as to why the games support for the last generation of consoles (PS3/Xbox 360) has been dropped, I cannot imagine the previous generation rendering such a vastly gorgeous scene without a few gameplay sacrifices – that being said, the game isn’t only being released for the PS4/Xbox One/PC, but later on (during early 2015) the game is expected to also be released on the Wii U! It’s not a groundbreaking discovery that the Wii U isn’t as powerful as the other platforms being supported, yet it’s interesting just how visually different the Wii U version will be compared to the other platforms.

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