The internet is an amazing place where we can communicate with a variety amount of different types of people, as of now, I’m hoping that someone who’s experienced in making fan-made games would be willing to invest their time in developing this fan-made video ‘Kombat: Super Mario World’. Never would I have considered that the two franchises would have made a perfect crossover, never have I wanted a fan-made game more than now!

Of course in reality, even a fan-made game of this wouldn’t be made. I cannot imagine someone struggling through coding all the variables for all this extensive list of attack animations; but I sure as hope someone tries!

Had you not been fortunate enough to have seen these before, there are previous videos of a Super Mario / Mortal Kombat crossover, starting with the Super Mario Bros crossover back in 2012:

Or there’s then the Super Mario Bros 3 crossover last year:

The Youtube channel ‘NicksplosionFX‘ has a whole library of other  fan-made video game crossover parody videos available to view and enjoy (you’re mainly going to see a video with Mortal Kombat involved though!).

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