Many video games are too focused on the ideas of heroes vs villains, those with a simplistic plot line of a princess being kidnapped and a hero attempting to rescue the princess (yes all heads turn to Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda) will have the narrowed view that the hero is the champion who will be victorious by the end of the game, hence the use as them as the protagonist and the villain not being playable themselves.

This new Kickstarter is your chance to be “Nefarious”, as you play as the villain who kidnaps the princesses and battle the heroes who attempt to rescue the damsels in distress.

Unlike your standard side-scroller game, this game is often fast paced as you run away from the heroes, exploding opponents and destroying the scenery; honestly it just sounds like an interesting alternative to the more slow and puzzle paced Indie side-scrollers we get now, as much as I love them, I really miss playing through a mindless romp such as this game!

Big explosions and non-stop action? Sounds like Michael Bays dream game!

At the time of writing this article, the project has 351 backers and $10,581 pledged, with at least $39,419 left needed for the project to be green-lit and fully supported. The game is expected to be available on Windows/Mac/Linux machines with it also needing help to be green-lit by Steam; other than PC devices, the Wii U is also intended to be another console which Nefarious will support.

I’m just hoping that the Kickstarter reaches around $120,000 or $130,000 as I’d definitely be interested in what the developers would add in with that amount of funding:

  • $120,000 Minion Co-Op Mode: Plug in an extra controller and invite a second player who will assist Crow in his adventure. A loyal minion! Lackey Prime. Henchmen number 1!

  • $130,000 Local Versus Mode: Villainy becomes a competitive sport! Up to four villains clash to see who can be the biggest baddie.

Check out the Kickstarter link to find more information of the game, and if you’re interested then you should help green-light the game on Steam and help fund the game on Kickstarter!


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