EA seems to be taking extra precautions with their popular soon-to-be-released game, with hardly any pre-release footage and still quite limited information as to what The Sims 4 world has to offer. Is this to suggest that EA are holding back information due to the game not being worthwhile in purchasing, or is there a deeper meaning?

We’ve gotten glimpses of the upcoming simulation game, with Gamescom providing an interesting short gameplay and on the same day a Create-a-Sim demo being released. From what we’ve seen so far, The Sims 4 looks impressive despite EA refraining some necessities in the game such as swimming pools, toddlers, and any some extra content which was introduced in previous extension packs (and will most likely re-appear in another Sims 4 extension pack). From what appears to be a promising game, it’s surprising  to some that EA doesn’t want to provide review copies to gain extra publicity; Dan Stapleton from IGN clarified the absence of review copies in his latest tweet:

Apart from the obvious judgement that EA could be worried that The Sims 4 doesn’t have much to offer, and wants to hide any possible criticism, there could be another reason…

A few previous EA simulation games have been prone to being leaked before their desired release date, specific examples being the ‘Spore Creature Creator Demo’ and ‘The Sims 3’ which both allowed many “pirates” to access and play the game earlier than EA would want to. Of course the issue was more of a crisis with ‘The Sims 3’ rather than the Spore demo, considering that the entire ‘The Sims 3’ game was available to torrent and caused many gamers to have no need to purchase the actual game seeing as they have a free alternative method in playing the game.

I’m calling this a wise move by EA, gamers can wait a bit longer to read reviews on The Sims 4 if it means that more genuine sales will be handed to EA, rather than people just pirating the game.

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