I’ve always loved how many Indie games manage to reflect the retro eras of gaming with modern technology. The pixel art landscape which the GUTS department have created with Aegis Defenders instantly strikes my desire to play the game.

Exploring caves full of enemies is practically in side-scroller 101, what differentiates this game from others is the use of levelling up in the game to craft different weapons and activate them to destroy the waves of enemies. This isn’t a simple jump on their head tactic, it’s more of a tactic similar to RPG’s or smartphone games such as Plants vs Zombies.

There’s two players in the game, you could complete this game single handedly but just swapping between characters as you play – or (if the Kickstarter exceeds its first stretch goal) you could play co-operatively with a friend and wonder around this exciting world and fight together!

The whole backstory and details of the game is a pretty interesting read, one which I’d recommend everyone to read whilst simultaneously grabbing their wallet in preparation to back this project! The developers are offering quite a few interesting customisability to those who pledge high amounts such as featuring sculptures of themselves in the game or designing certain aspects of the game.

This Kickstarter requires a minimum of $65,000 before the 3rd of September, with (at the time of writing this article) it currently being at $42,070 and with 32 days to go, I can only foresee that this project will be funded and that I will definitely be grabbing this game when I can!

If released, expect to see this game on your PC or Mac accessible on Steam as well as a DRM-free download. There’s also an interest from the developers to implement console support, with them specifically highlighting the PS4 or Wii U.

LINK: (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1798022489/aegis-defenders)

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