Customising an object you own where you add personal pictures and text can be a big deal to some people! Imagine on the go you could play your Nintendo DS or browse your smartphone whilst glancing at a picture of sentimental value on the casing of your device.

Retailer GAME, has decided to fill in that niche in technology stores. No longer do you have to go searching for a great quality vinyl case for your device, you can easily purchase and customise one yourself!

The service promises no scratches, great quality and also prevention of air bubbles (which you’re bound to get if you purchase a cheap case somewhere else).

All you do is pick the device you want to customise – ranging from Laptops, smartphones, tablets, handhelds and actual consoles; after which you are provided a user interface to customise the design of your vinyl cover, then after submitting it and filling in payment and shipping details, expect to receive it with “speedy delivery”.

So do you want to customise your device? Do it at the GAME website now!


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