With the upcoming promotion to yBaX-Start.com, I’ve decided to celebrate the occasion by creating promotional yBaX wallpapers. The art styles and designs of the wallpapers originally varied at first; with the backgrounds containing faded video game characters and landscapes, similar to the style of our Youtube introduction video. However I eventually decided that a cleaner and more isolated look, including just an abstract blue for the background and placing the yBaX logo to the foreground allowed a more professional and visually appealing wallpaper which people could be encouraged to use.

The wallpapers for now include a 2560 × 1600 desktop wallpaper (suitable for Macbook Retina displays), an iPhone 5/5C/5S mobile wallpaper and also an 1100 × 1100 dimension wallpaper which can be scaled down to the iPad Mini (one for iPad Mini Retina display and the larger iPads will be released soon).

Hopefully you guys can download these wallpapers and use them to spread the word of this blog to others!

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