Prior to E3, there’s bound to be many rumours, leaks and announcements about video gaming which can be difficult to juggle our judgement and belief.

GAME, a popular gaming retailer printed an advert for the stores Trade-in system, with the pinnacle of the advert being The Last of Us Remastered being released on the 13th June. After of which, @GameBarnsley tweeted a series of tweets enforcing the supposed release date, only to delete them and apologise claiming they’ll update us when they “get an official date”.

Not too long ago were we reading about Neil Druckmanns statement of how difficult it was to port the PS3 game to the PS4 describing it as “hell”.

Whilst of course it can easily be a simple mistake and the excitement just caused the rumour so spread around; however I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony attempted to pull a surprise stunt (although it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore!) at their E3 presentation to evoke excitement.

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