The Xbox One in the US was originally priced at $499, a significant $100 more expensive than the main next-gen competitor, the PS4. Of course when terms of specs of these two consoles were released, the idea of the Xbox One having a less powerful GPU and games playing at 720p  caused a huge controversy as to why the console was more expensive; the reason why the console was originally $100 more was due to the infamous Kinect, a device which was described as mandatory for the console use and gameplay.

Since Microsoft has announced at May 13th that there will be a lack of a Kinect bundle (now being priced at $399),  Gamestop president Tony Bartel announced: “there’s a stronger demand as a result of the price drop” meaning “there will be more [Xbox One] units out there to put software on”.

The result of which brings to the question: Are gimmicks dying out as a selling point this generation? The Wii U hasn’t been selling too well, whether that being just due to the lack of games supporting it or due to the idea of the GamePad being too gimmicky, the PS4 has less gimmicks without the need to use the Playstation Eye, and the only real complaint being the controller light, which has since released an update to dim the light.

What do you guys think? Do you want consoles to be less unique than each other and not care for the extra features? Which console is getting the majority of your prime time now?



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