Adventure-Time quickly integrated itself into pop-culture via the use of its instant charm, memorable characters and wonderful one-liners; for which we should all thank Pendelton Ward for.

However I’d assume he deserves an even extra round of applause when it comes to reinventing a awesome way to use Twitter as a text adventure game! His Twitter account @buenothebear has the name renamed as ‘Quest Attack’ in which he started the quest for his followers of twitter to follow with this opening tweet:


Of course if anyone were to follow Pendelton Ward they’d instantly recognise the reference to text based adventure games and many of his followers replied back with ‘commands’ for the quest; Ward didn’t stop there as he replied back to these tweets with follow up pictures to continue on their quest.

Overall, I’d say it’s been a pretty interesting day on Twitter by reinventing the means of an adventure game. I’d recommend all of you to check it out as it’s quite entertaining!

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