After nearly a month since Guitar Hero Live’s release date (October 20th 2015), the iOS companion app which enables microphone gameplay via the iPhone is still broken.

Guitar Hero Live’s companion app was promoted as a tool to play with the microphone without actually owning an external microphone. What seemed as a good technique to save players money from having to buy an external USB microphone, its lead to more complications than needed.

All platforms of the game (minus the Xbox 360) is supposedly currently supported with the companion app. The game generates a ‘App Link Code’ which you then input into the companion app and then the iPhone is ready to be played as a microphone. Yet there have been many complaints claiming that the app is essentially useless.

Screenshot of Guitar Hero Live Companion App
The App Link Code keypad | Image: Screenshot from iPhone

The app is currently rewarded a two-star rating on the iOS app store. User ‘JULIOM510′ explained:

“It keeps telling me that I need to have an Internet connection, I’ve tried wifi and with data and nothing.

This needs to be fixed ASAP.”

This isn’t the only complaint. The complaints spread across to Reddit, Guitar Hero Live’s support forums and other internet forums. From personal experience, I too have issues with the app.


After nearly a month since its release – and no improvement to the stability of the companion app – I reached out to the Guitar Hero Live Support page to request the status of a new functional update:

Sorry but we’ve no ETA to report at this time but we assure you that this is being looked into. Please stay tuned. We appreciate your support and patience.”

– EmiliozGunz

The Activision division in charge of the Companion App are reportedly working on the issues, yet it’s still unclear when the update will be.

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