Youtube Gamer ‘Chaosxsilencer‘ has uploaded a new video showcasing a hidden easter egg (possibly referencing Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels or Super Mario’s Boos) in Treyarch’s new game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Manequins in the new addition of the Call of Duty series are arguably the most interesting new feature in the NUK3TOWN multiplayer map. Previously discovered, removing the mannequins head within a two-minute period would transform these mannequins to zombies. Yet it’s recently been discovered that these ‘zombies’ have yet another feature.

An unidentified source named ‘Dave’ is thanked in this new video for noting the easter egg. As seen, targeting the arms to be removed instead of the heads within the space of two minutes also brings these mannequins alive – yet with a twist.

Whilst Treyarch has not commented on this discovery, it’s unclear whether this feature is intentional or just a glitch. The mannequins begin to move only when the POV camera is not directed at the mannequins. These ‘zombies’ begin to move, yet come to a halt whenever the players camera faces these creatures.

Fans of the British Science-Fiction programme Doctor Who were quick to note the similarity of these to the Weeping Angels. The Weeping Angels are creatures of stone, which when unseen turn to life.

Infinity Ward developers have also once featured a Doctor Who reference in a Call of Duty game. Call of Duty: Ghosts campaign mission ‘Federation Day’ has a small trophy case with little pop-culture references engraved in the trophies. Among these, a trophy awarding ‘The largest interior with the smallest exterior’ is placed twice in the map. For those unaware, the protagonist in Doctor Who has a time machine which is “bigger on the inside”.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was released on November 6th 2015 and there are most likely many more easter eggs to be uncovered.

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