In a time of exhilarating rumours surfacing  online and major announcements by notable gaming institutions (in arguably the biggest annual gaming conference) – a gaming blog is expected to be active now more than ever. Many noticed in this period that major features or even filler posts failed to appear on yBaX-Start. Due to the website being essentially a one-man-team, I’m fully responsible in assuring that the website is regularly updated. Recently my main device used to write articles (my Macbook Retina) has malfunctioned and as a result, dealing with this has deprived me from updating the website. Of course my other main concern were my final exams; I’ve debated before the struggle of being a student and a gamer, and this student lifestyle unfortunately took over so that I was unable to provide live coverage for E3 2015.

Now things are changing for the better. Whilst I’m still awaiting for my replacement Macbook to arrive, I’m now able to fully prioritise and providing informative and entertaining posts. This coming week, I’ll be fulfilling my promise in writing “After the hype” articles which overview and analyse the best and worst announcements of E3 2015. From then on, expect to see a regular flow of weekly articles!

I hope that you fantastic readers accept this explanation and apology. Happy gaming!

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