Doctor Who has something to boast more than other television programmes can – the series has existed for more than fifty years. Granted it did go on a long hiatus during the 1990’s, yet audiobooks, video-shorts and more managed to almost please fans. But thankfully in 2005, Russell T Davies resurrected the franchise and allowed modern audiences to discover the British pop-culture series.

Action, drama, emotion, comedy and Campy storylines are scattered throughout the eight television series since it’s return. It’s been quite a roller coaster from watching our protagonist being the last of the Timelords to being the impossible man. It’s quite an adventure.

Youtuber “John Smith” is quite known by the dedicated Who fandom thanks to his wonderful Doctor Who inspired CGI creations; yet he’s perhaps outdone himself in this iconic tribute highlighting various plots, dialogue and characters throughout the series.

What’s your favourite Doctor Who moment since its return? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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