Sega are narrowing their product line-up which will focus primarily on PC and Mobile gaming. A meeting with the board of directors of Sega Sammy Holdings has revealed that there will now be a new focus on “growth areas” of the digital games industry.

Recent Sega games haven’t proved to be too successful in the console market, which is perhaps the key factor influencing the change of direction in Sega. ‘Alien: Isolation’ managed to slowly sell over 1 million copies in 3 months, which whilst slightly impressive, it still doesn’t compete against the 1.3 million copies of ‘Aliens Colonial Marines’ which was sold in less of a time-frame as ‘Isolation’ did. Even worse, the 3DS and Wii U exclusives ‘Sonic Boom’ failed to attract audiences too.

The matter of the fact is that Sega isn’t attracting the wider market they once did. So dropping these 300 jobs is the start to revitalise the company.

Sega of America is relocating from San Fransisco to Souther California as part of Sega’s new plans. From this, Sega are initiating an “early retirement” for those affected by the move.

The smaller group of workers will now focus on digital games, with the notable absence of console  games. Sega have experimented with smartphone gaming before, and it has proven successful in popular franchises such as Alien and Sonic. Sega hope that they can expand all new softwares to smartphone gaming too.

But to what scale will these games be? How will popular franchises change on different platforms? Sega has now transgressed from making home consoles, to software for home consoles, and now focusing on software not specifically for home consoles. The success of their decision will soon be discovered.

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