Reddit user “StressCavity” has thankfully shared their fan-art which I actually believe is hands-down one of the best fan arts yet of the 12 year old Nintendo masterpiece, LoZ: The Wind Waker.

The wonderful creator of this image states it was created in honor of their favorite Zelda game; and rightfully so! The Wind Waker really didn’t deserve its early criticisms due to the art style when it was first announced, because it easily had the most interesting combat mechanics (that is excluding the innovative Wii Motion Plus in Skyward Sword)  and the most engaging Zelda dungeons around! Also the game is easily one of the most extraordinarily pleasantly appearing games out of the Zelda series, so it’s only right that this is their favorite Zelda game and also the one which is glorified to feature as StressCavity‘s fan-art!

Only in 2-3 hours? Now that is talent!

Click the image above for a full-res size (1920 × 1080) of the brilliant painting. The vivid green colors in the foreground lightening up the image in contrast to the bland darker streaks of green really captures the similarity of many of the forest areas and grassy dungeons of the game, which makes the image overall look perfect!  So feel free to download the image now and set it as your wallpaper for practically any device you can find!

LINK: (Reddit Thread)

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