Cosplaying can be a difficult skill to pull off; some people have it, some people just don’t. If I were to ever wear a green tunic and walk around the streets people would assume I’m just another homeless man, but then others would instantly be recognised as Link!

Cosplayer Tatasenko Mana seems to be one of those awesome cosplayers that can just pull off any outfit. In this instance she decided to dress in the style of Link in the reveal Zelda Wii U trailer at E3, where she just completely looks the part:

Take a wild guess on who that’s meant to be!

Just glancing at the picture brings a tear to my eye and reminds me how beautiful humanity can we decide to work hard to achieve something (in this case it’s looking badass in cosplay outfits).

Tatasenko Mana isn’t prone to cosplaying just The Legend of Zelda outfits, but also represents a various amount of franchises or even crossovers of franchises. Feel free to check them out here!


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