Season 1:

Episode 1: Uno / Episode 2: Mijo

BCS 1&2

Better Call Saul welcomes us back to Albuquerque in style.

Episode 3: Nacho


After establishing itself as a spin-off, Better Call Saul becomes something more. 

Episode 4: Hero

“S’all good, man” for Saul Goodman.

Episode 5: Alpine Shepard Boy






Jimmy thinks of focusing his career plan in last nights ‘Better Call Saul’.

Episode 6: Five-O






It’s all about Mike in this weeks ‘Better Call Saul’.

Episode 7: Bingo






The right thing isn’t always the right thing in ‘Better Call Saul’.

Episode 8: RICO






“Twenty Million” and the stakes are raised in ‘Better Call Saul’.

Episode 9: Pimento






“You’re not a real lawyer” Chuck reveals in a riveting ‘Better Call Saul’.




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