I’ve realised that it’s been a while since yBaX Start has covered fan art, so I’ve decided to round up a collection for gamers to enjoy!

Ranging from Minecraft, Yoshi eggs and more, yBaX Start has you covered for your craving to redesign your desktop background with something new and modern! The running design between all six of the wallpapers is a mild green background with a slight minimalistic feel to the symbol in the foreground.

All of these wallpapers have a resolution of  3500 × 2321, which is perfect to use for modern HD displays (I’m currently using it on my Retina Macbook and it looks beautiful!). Of course, these are just resolutions to show off the image, you can request a specific dimension size to optimise to your display in the comments section below and I’ll upload one to that dimension size!

Grab your favoured design now, and leave a comment below for any suggestions for other games to focus on for our next batch of wallpapers!

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