A user on Neogaf has uploaded a video showcasing the operating system of the upcoming Nintendo Switch console, after claiming to be “lucky” in obtaining the console early.

Hiphoptherobot is a Neogaf user who has posted an image and video of their own personal Nintendo Switch, two weeks earlier than the expected March 3rd release date. The user remains vague on how the console was acquired, as the leaker explains of their fear of “getting the store that shipped it early in trouble with Nintendo.”

See the video here

Nintendo themselves have refrained from posting much about the operating system of the new console. Images from developer builds have previously suggested there’s an alternative ‘dark mode‘ theme, but other than that not much had been revealed until now.

Hiphoptherobot at first just posted an image of the console, yet once other users had seen the post many requested a video of the operating system as proof of this being a legitimate early console.

An early look at the Nintendo Switch Operating System!
An early look at the Nintendo Switch Operating System! | Taken from Neogaf thread.

From the leaked footage, it appears Nintendo has finally designed a swift and functional operating system. Recent Nintendo Consoles like the Wii U or 3DS would often have rather sluggish load times with certain actions, so it’s somewhat refreshing to see such an elegant OS.

The leaker has confirmed that no games came alongside the early console shipment, so unfortunately not much can be done until the actual release date of the Switch.

Meanwhile some video game reviewers are beginning to receive their review copy of the Nintendo Switch, so perhaps more unannounced information will come soon.

The Nintendo Switch will launch at March 3rd 2017.

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