The Last of Us is still a major topic within video game discussions – rumours of a sequel and a movie adaption ensures this – and it may become an even more important topic as infamous voice actor Nolan North reveals “I know they’re doing The Last of Us 2”.

Even though Nolan North teases the possibility of the sequel, chances are he won’t be starring in the game considering how his character David ended his character arc in the original game. Therefore it leads us to question how much would Nolan North actually know about this project? Was it just a quirky remark or is there a genuine underlying truth beneath this statement?

The Last of Us on the Playstation 3 has reportedly sold 5.50 million units around the globe, and was so successful that the Remastered version on the Playstation 4 managed to enhance the original’s success. What remained the key selling point in the game was the enticing narrative and interesting representations of Joel and Ellie. If a sequel were to happen, would Naughty Dog attempt to continue on this riveting narrative, or would the focus be on new characters in the same universe?

Considering the positive reception of the first game, it’s not a surprise that there are attempts to continue on this franchise. Creative Director Neil Druckmann responded to a Reddit AMA on February 2014 stating that the chances of a sequel is “50/50”. Given that this prediction was over a year ago, there’s a high chance that Druckmann has returned to toying with this project now that he’s had a well-earned rest since the original game.

You can watch Nolan North’s panel at Metrocon 2015 below, where he reveals his knowledge on The Last Of Us 2.

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