While Toy Story 3 was assumed to be the final film which featured a heartbreaking ending that left many adults in tears, Pixar are apparently in the works of making a new film for the franchise. Disney and Pixar’s chief creative officer John Lasseter will be directing the film, just as he did for the first two films in the series, so there are hopes that Pixar don’t mess this up. In a way, we should also be thankful that Disney shouldn’t have full control over this and don’t make it a Pixar-less spinoff like they did with ‘Planes’.

The CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, stated that the new film is expected to arrive during June 2017, suggesting that there isn’t that much doubt that a new ‘Toy Story’ film is definitely happening. Of course actual judgements of the film are too early now, so I wouldn’t panic straight away just because there’s a chance that this could ruin the charm of the series; with John Lasseter behind the film, there’s still a chance that the film will have a genuine and touching purpose!

Since the 2010 release of ‘Toy Story 3’, numerous of short films featuring the cutesy characters were released, most of them still retaining the humour and charm which brought us to love the first three films in the first place, which increases the chance that a full featured film could work. Although many will most likely wonder what the plot could entail? Now that Andy has officially passed on from the toys, what absurd adventure will the pack get up to next?

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