UPDATE: The original Vimeo video is peculiarly taken down, back up videos remain in Yahoo lifestyles for those interested.

Karen Gillan moved on from one sci-fi role from the BBC pop-culture show ‘Doctor Who’ to playing Nebula in blockbuster film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ among other popular films too.

San-Diego’s Comic-Con of 2013 was a riveting experience for fans, but one action that took place in the Comic-con was during the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ panel as Karen Gillan revealed her bald head to suit her character Nebula. Alas, the gorgeous ginger hair which became her trademark feature was gone for that time being, it’s even more torturing witnessing the actual video of her reaction which is now uploaded on Vimeo and seeing the hair disappearing!


Somehow, Karen Gillan managed to remain unbearably adorable such as her realisation when she asks “Will I keep my eyebrows?!”, thankfully her audacious sacrifice helped contribute to the amazing Marvel summer film and has grown back since then so we needn’t worry.

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