Assassins Creed Unity is the first Assassins Creed game to fully commit to the new generation of the Xbox One and PS4, whilst Black Flag did appear on these consoles, it was mainly created with the scale-back of the previous generation in mind.

I for one have become tiresome and bored even of the Assassins Creed franchise, it’s become to repetitive and I’ve felt that the game hasn’t felt as diverse or unique as it once did. That was until the intriguing footage of Assassins Creed Unity was released at E3, I must admit Ubisoft have brought it’s attention back to me!

Therefore, for Reddit user Skelaa (who definitely seems to be a dedicated Assassins Creed fan) to post a “leaked” map of a hugely expansive in-game town of Paris, I can definitely say Unity is looking pretty amazing right now!

Definitely anticipating exploring this open sandbox game now!

In previous developer interviews, we’ve been promised that 1/4 of buildings in the game will in fact allow the player to enter, allowing more exploration in routes across the city rather than just rooftops and the occasional walking in the streets. Whether or not that entitles to be true, I could only hope so as it would mean that there’d be a lot of variation in the terms of exploring the lands of Paris.

Paris is confirmed to be the main town in which the game will take place, but as the Reddit users discuss in their thread, they rightfully point out that previous games have also included external environments, with the user Skelaa stating that Versailles could be this external environment.

The validity of this map is still in question, yes it appears to be exciting and legit, but of course it is questionable as to where Skelaa had managed to discover the map. More news to follow when the sources become fully verified.

LINK: (Reddit post)

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